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Business centric coaching aiming at improving leadership skills starting from individual ability and focusing on challenges ahead or the next step in ones professional career. A combination of teaching useful tools or just making the ones you have work in your daily business, working on personal insights, discussing business challenges, assistance in developing teams etc etc. We define the content together and have the possiblity to adjust along the way based on outcome and changes that may occur in the organization.


The first meeting is always free of charge, to ensure that Unova will be able to contribute to your specific challenges and to investigate if there can be a mutual trust working together.


The standard package is 10 session, 2 hours each with duration through a year.

Literature, DISC analysis and/or other suitable add ons are available.

Coaching over telephone or video is possible, first meeting however in person.


Examples of previous coaching assignments:

  • New in a leadership role, wants support with actual challenges in the everyday working environment and understanding the role

  • Sales manager wanting to develop a sales team and change to new ways of selling

  • A leader in an organization facing big changes to roles, ways of working etc

  • A manager wanting to develop a company with more employee engagement

  • Individual with challenges balancing work-life with first indications of stress symptoms

  • A manager wanting to develop the role and build a more efficient team

  • Manager in conflict with the team, wanting to understand leadership style and develop the team


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